Moms In Motion


You’ve found your Tribe

Are you feeling tired, out of shape, alone, exhausted or overwhelmed?

Would you like to have a group of girlfriends who understand and accept you, who share a stake in your success, that lift you up and recharge your energy, and make being fit & taking care of yourself fun and fulfilling?

This is not just another workout class. Our Tribes are a sacred space for moms and women to move toward their potential, to nurture who they are beyond mom, and to inspire themselves and others to grow, give and contribute to whatever matters most to them!

What are you waiting for? Its time to connect with other women invested in taking care of themselves!

Excelsior health is bringing a Moms In Motion Tribe to Wake County. Our fitness team will gather together for exercise, social activities, and philantrophy.

If you are located in any city of Wake County and would like to join, register below

June Meetups

6/11, 6/18, 6/25- We will meet  at SnickerDoodles, 3:30pm for play group (drop in childcare), then to park location for workout. Please sign up prior to event dates

First Session is Always Free. Sign Up here

If You’re Ready to Join, Sign Up Here

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