Friends of the Cancer Support Community Wake County Inc.

When cancer happens, it happens to the whole family and its social network. By supporting people with cancer and their families and friends, we help the whole family live with the new ways cancer has uniquely affected them.

Many cancer focused organizations do not connect the diagnosis with the emotional impact of cancer on those affected and their families. We actively connect members to create a place where they can ask questions and go for support. We engage with their social, nutritional, emotional and mental health experiences. We believe that no one should face cancer alone, and that supporting the whole person helps not just their physical outcome but also addresses the impact of cancer on their whole family.

Breaking out of traditional treatment roles, Friends of the Cancer Support Community creates a community where those affected by cancer can communicate, have the freedom to ask questions, and develop tools for facing all aspects of living with cancer. We provide a place where they are met with understanding, encouragement, and information to push back the initial fear and replace it with support.

When our doors open, Friends of the Cancer Support Community Wake County will offer a warm and welcoming place where people with cancer, their families, and friends can gather for social and emotional support as a supplement to medical care.

Cancer Support Communities have a variety of programs for our members. Depending on the week, we will offer programming and classes focused on support services, educational workshops, healthy lifestyle classes, social events, and resources and referrals.

All of our programs will be offered free of charge, and there is no membership fee!

Our Members

When cancer happens, it happens to the whole family and their social network.
Cancer Support Community Wake County club membership includes all of the people who are affected by cancer fully and equally including:

People with cancer

All diagnoses. All stages. From the moment of diagnosis through treatment and beyond, the effects of cancer aren’t only physical – there is a profound emotional and social impact as well. Joining a community of people who have experienced cancer firsthand can decrease the sense of isolation and empower you as you live with cancer. For many people, having had cancer is a life-changing experience and their social and emotional support needs continue into remission.

Their family and friends

The impact of cancer extends beyond the person who has been diagnosed. Learning to balance the need to provide care and support with everyday responsibilities is something no one should have to face alone.

People who are grieving the loss of someone to cancer
When a loved one dies, communicating feelings of grief and loss can be very difficult. Talking with others who are going through the grieving process is often beneficial.

Children and Teens of a Primary Caregiver with Cancer

When cancer is in the family, children are often the most underserved individuals in terms of emotional support. Our programs improve family communication, gives children and teens age appropriate information about cancer, and improve coping skills helping children and families continue to thrive.

Our programs build a foundation of social and emotional support that help members learn to live with cancer.

Below are examples of workshops, groups, and activities from our program focus areas that will be provided when our doors open.

• New Member Meetings
• Weekly Support Groups for people with cancer, family/friends and bereavement
• Monthly Groups to network with others with similar experiences (cancer type, stage)
• Families Connect for the Whole Family, the Whole Time

• Frankly Speaking about Cancer Series on specific cancers, treatments, cost of care, etc.
• Educational Workshops including topics like side effects/symptom management, cancer in the workplace, complementary therapies, and bereavement
• Families Connect including Kid Support™ and how to talk to children and teens about cancer

• Mindfulness Meditation/Guided Imagery
• Nutrition including cooking for health and wellness cooking demonstrtions
• Healing Arts including Art for Recovery, Music, Writing, and Collage
• Mind/Body/Spirit including: Zumba, Yoga, and Line Dancing
• Family including Family Yoga, Kids Rock Cancer, and Food, Family & Fun

• Craft Connection card-making, jewelry design, watercolor classes, sewing
• Special Events including potlucks, game nights, lunch and learn, book club, live music, fiestas
• Member-Led Activities
• Movie night

• Club House Library
• On-line Resources
• Local Resource Referrals

Once our club house doors open we will provide a monthly program calendar and program descriptions. Sign up will be available on-line or by calling the club house.


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