Fresh Start


Do you keep telling yourself that you’ll start focusing on your health next week? Next month? After that vacation you have coming up?

Have you been telling yourself this for far too long, and now’s the time to truly mean it?

I have stood exactly where you’re standing, and I 100% understand.

This program is all about:

  • Creating small, lasting changes over time

  • Learning how to care for yourself in the best way possible

  • Focusing on your well-being in a holistic way


This program is NOT about:

  • Creating restrictions that make you miserable

  • Feeling guilty and overwhelmed

  • Giving you a list of foods you can and cannot eat – it’s all about the lifestyle!


Throughout our 4 sessions together, we will jumpstart your healthy habits to set you on the path you deeply desire for yourself. We will implement small changes over time to help you reach your goals, which is far more beneficial than trying to do it all at once.

Session topics include:

  • Getting organized (food & life)

  • Eating well & Mindfulness

  • Quieting the chatter & stress relief

  • Staying active & self-care


You will also receive helpful handouts, tips and tools to help you succeed. I will be with you every step of the way!


Are you ready to make your health & wellbeing a priority, finally? I look forward to speaking with you about the beginning of your beautiful journey!


Early Bird special ends Dec. 31st. To register, please visit: