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We will be training for our first event starting January 14th! 

Event Details

Running Over Cancer 5k

March 11, 2018 @2:30pm

Cary, NC


What’s New

All virtual clients now have access to our new telehealth platform!!

Healthie is an easy-to-use web and mobile platform that allows you to better connect with your provider and track your health.

Self monitoring is one of the most powerful tools to help us make lasting changes. Healthie allows you to track your food and metrics which connects directly with me. Here’s a quick overview of the capabilities within Healthie’s platform, which you can access either on the mobile app or on your computer

1. Photo food logging- snap a pic and you’re done. I’ll be able to review and comment (I’m not looking for perfection, no pressure here!)

2. Metrics tracking- weigh in at home (first thing in the morning) and record it in the app.

3. Message me whenever you need with a safe and secure connection.

4. Schedule, cancel or reschedule appointments on your own (and receive reminders).

5. Share and receive documents- I’ll be sharing some handouts along the way, they’ll stay here in one safe place to view at any time.

6. Video chat with me through your mobile app or your computer

21 Days to a Healthier Life

21 Days to a Healthier Life includes:

  • access to online course
  • one on one health coaching and feedback
  • email option

-Have you been up and down the diet rollercoaster?
-Would you like to lose weight and keep it off without “dieting” or feeling deprived?
-Do you struggle with cravings?
-Do you lack energy in the morning, afternoon, or night?
-Do you struggle with moodiness?
-Are you looking for a better way to manage stress?
-Do you need help staying on track while achieving your wellness goals?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above then this program is for you!
In this program, we will cover:
Monday: Weight Management (Real Food Every Meal)
Tuesday: Cravings (Mindful Eating)
Wednesday: Energy and Mental Clarity
Thursday: Emotional Balance (Eating Without Fear or Guilt)
Friday: Stress Management (Self Care and Relaxation)
Saturday: Mindset for Success
Sunday: Progress Check

Begins 9/12/2016!!

Special Price: $45.00
To register, please fill out form below or visit


Renew Your Life (Detox program)


Winter is coming to a close. The frigid air will be replaced by abundant sunshine and the short days will transform into longer ones with fragrant blooms all around.
The cold months tend to leave quite a mark on us. With the holidays all packed into a few short months, the over-scheduled day planner, and the sweets we couldn’t say no to – our lives could use a little tidying up as we transition into Spring. After all, all of nature is about to bloom and rebirth – why not follow suit?
I have just the thing for you.

Introducing…a fun and holistic approach at Spring Cleaning!

This fun and interactive program will help you reset, reevaluate, and recharge for the upcoming season.

We will cover areas like:
Detoxing your mind
Detoxing your space
Detoxing your relationships
Detoxing your routines
…and more!

Are you ready?

Join us on June 1, 2015 for online group coaching or get started now and work at your own pace with your Self Study workbook style program

Program Price: $35.00 for Group Coaching
$20.00 for Self Study

Please fill out form below and you will receive an invoice to confirm registration.